Creating Black History today

Youtube has a playlist called #CreatingBlackHistory for February. It focuses on modern-day creators or news stories about black people impacting the world. I find the idea an exciting way to celebrate Black history month. It got me thinking…who did I think will be in the history books? Who would next MLK or Rosa Parks? What groups would be remembered for creating social change like Black Panther Party or SNCC?

Here is the beginning of my list:


Of course The Obamas and Black Lives Matter:


I recognize that my list is a bit of obvious. However, it’s just a starting point. History is written by the disruptors and the trailblazers, by the phenoms and the powerful.  But as I have been learning, it is also written by ordinary people in quiet corners. I want to start a list with their names on it.  So who are the ordinary people #creating black history in your world?  Please Share!


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