So I failed…Except on day 15

At the beginning of February, I stated I was going to blog about various things I would be learning throughout Black history. I made it to day 13.

I felt like a failure for weeks. So much of a failure that I gave up blogging right through March.

However, I had a moment of clarity while talking to a friend about how much I much loved


I was mid-rant about how she had to see this movie, how amazingly well-acted it was and how it made me face some my own internal stuff.  When I realized that I had made it further then I thought. Working on the project made me try and go see things that I never I did before. If I had not made the effort to blog, I probably would have not gone to see this amazing film in the theater. Or danced and shouted like crazy person when it when Best film at the Oscar’s.

I saw it on day 15.

Now, I have decided to keep going. I am going to share all the stuff I learned. I booked marked everything so no reason not share.

Blogging through Black History taught me one fundamentally truth, if you don’t seek the  various reflection of yourself,  You won’t notice when your reflection is starting back at you.  I want to see myself especially in a world that seems to want to pretend that I am not here.

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