Exploring images of Black Love

As the evening star rises, I want to share my favorite images of Black Love. When I started exploring Black History Month, I was afraid it was always going to be a story of overcoming. Achieving despite the many obstacles in the way. I don’t see love like that. To me love something that should happen to everyone.

So I was afraid, I would only find images of failed love or loneliness. With the exorbitant amount of data about destruction of the black family, the divorce rate, perpetual singlehood of black women and the insane number of black men in jail where was I going to find happy joyous images of black love.

But as the day wore on, the universe showed I have had many examples of it.

Here are few:


Barack and Michelle Obama


The Cosby Show

Brown Sugar

And  my own parents!


My Parent’s Wedding Day

Happy Valentine’s Day  to everyone!

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