Hamilton will save us all…

I am obsess with Hamilton the musical. I had have the Broadway soundtrack on repeat. It is my musical pacifier/ blankie to bumpy  political road we are all  currently walking. I listen to all the podcasts I could find about the show and it’s cast and have watched the PBS Great Performances episode.

So this weekend, I download the mixtape. The Hamilton Mixtape is a mixtape album featuring assorted songs from the 2015 Broadway musical Hamilton performed by various artists like The Roots , Kelly Clarkson, Sia, Queen Latifah, Busta Rhymes, and Ja Rule. Mixtape has similar energy to soundtrack but there is a frankness that couldn’t play out on a Broadway stage. On the stage, it’s implied. On the mixtape it’s expressed in ways that would have made Alexander Hamilton proud. Even the songs that were just replays of the original had magic.  The soundtrack has become the anthem for my life.

Go listen!


Go listen!


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